Heather Kirkby

Chief People Officer

Heather joined Recursion in 2019 after 15 years of working for Intuit in the Bay Area. She started her career as an engineer before becoming product manager at Intuit. Her passion for developing people and building great teams eventually led her to lead Intuit's global talent development function, before joining Recursion. Heather focuses on creating an environment at Recursion for people to do the best work of their lives. She was instrumental in igniting accountability for a learning mindset in the organization, reinforced by programs, process, data and updated company values.

Heather earned her MBA from Harvard University and her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Queen’s University. She’s a lifelong curious learner that has stumbled many times, in many ways, and realizes that her willingness to get back up is perhaps her greatest superpower. She now happily calls Utah home, with her husband and two daughters, feeling blessed to have trails out the back door.

Follow Heather on Twitter @HeatherKirkby