Chris Gibson

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris pursued dual degrees in bioengineering and business during his undergraduate work at Rice University before completing his PH.D. in  Bioengineering at the University of Utah in the lab of Dean Y. Li, MD/Ph.D. (currently President of Merck Research Labs), as part of work towards an MD/Ph.D. dual-degree. Recursion grew out of that work, and after licensing the technology from the University of Utah, Recursion was founded a few days after Chris defended his dissertation during a leave of absence from medical school.

Chris serves on the Board of BioUtah and is the Chair of BioHive, the public-private partnership driving expansion of Utah's life-science ecosystem, the fastest growing in the nation. Chris enjoys cycling on both the road and the trails that cut through Utah’s great wilderness, as well as spending precious time with his family.

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