The speed and breadth of our discovery engine is unprecedented. We generate petabytes of actionable data each year across hundreds of highly translatable disease models with thousands of our partner’s compounds. Our technology enables us to identify hits within weeks of a signed contract in some cases.

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We will help you identify new indications for clinical stage shelved assets or indication expansion of marketed assets
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Target Discovery
We will perform target deconvolution through high-dimensional phenotypic analysis across diverse disease indications (genetic & beyond)
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Lead Discovery and Optimization
We will assist you with New Chemical Entity lead generation across a large library of genetic disease models
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Asset-Based Partnership

We have a robust and rapidly growing pipeline of preclinical assets in various disease indications that we are advancing towards the clinic. We partner with drug development experts, both small and large, to drive these programs into the clinic.

Lead Discovery and Optimization

Expand your NCE pipeline.

We can rapidly design and perform lead discovery campaigns in multiple therapeutic areas to identify compounds that reverse complex phenotypes and demonstrate confirmatory activity in orthogonal disease-specific validation assays.

Utilize our proprietary technology to develop “smart drug libraries” that maximize functional diversity and enable highly efficient parallel screening campaigns.

We screen a parent library in multiple cell types to generate high-dimensional phenotypic signatures that will inform mechanism(s) of action and various toxicities.
We then generate a ‘smart Library’ that contains a small subset of the parent library based on maximization of phenotypic/functional diversity to enhance drug screen efficiency. This process is independent of chemical backbone diversity, often enabling multiple chemically diverse hits 
for diseases of interest as optimization starting points.
We screen the “smart library” across hundreds of disease models in rapid fashion, expanding the breadth and depth of our discovery partnerships..
As with all our discovery efforts we validate platform hits in orthogonal assays of interest to our partners and work with partners to optimize hit series across both complex 
high-dimensional efficacy and toxicity signals.

Target Discovery

Expand the universe of targets.

We conduct unbiased genetic suppressor screens at whole genome scale to provide biological insights around pathways and targets of interest to our partners across hundreds of disease models. Our molecular biologists and computational teams combine functional genomics and sophisticated AI methods in custom discovery programs for target identification and validation to suit the demands of each partner.

Therapeutic Repositioning

Unearth the value in your existing assets.

Recursion’s unique platform and portfolio of disease models uses AI, automation and cutting edge biology to quickly add value to our partners’ current pipelines.

Leverage your existing development candidates through indication expansion.
Recover sunk development costs in shelved assets by discovering new target biology in high value indications.
For your approved products, partner with us on life cycle management projects to expand market share.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please email us