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In good companies
Co-Founder and CEO Chris Gibson, PhD, shares news about our strategy to spin-out our first subsidiary to shepherd our lead clinical-stage asset for Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2).
Recursion Building Onsite Childcare Facility to Support Working Parents
High-tech biopharma company partnering with childcare leader, Bright Horizons, to ensure working parents have the support they need to achieve their family and career ambitions
Gormley’s Take: Biotech and Tech VCs Have Different Views on AI-Based Drug Discovery
Two recent commentaries by biotechnology industry insiders highlighted a divide among venture capitalists: those who see artificial intelligence powering a revolution in drug discovery, and those who don’t.

Blogs and Publications

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Presidential reflections… before another big year
by Tina Larson
Business & Administration
How Recursion built a high throughput screening lab capable of producing four petabytes of biological data
by Ben Miller
Why Tech and Biotech VCs Talk Past Each Other
by Chis Gibson
Business & Administration

Press resources

This section provides resources and assets for media partners and journalists looking for background information about Recursion. In this section, you will find corporate descriptions, biographies of our founders, approved images, and logos.  There are many stories to tell about our innovative approach to drug discovery. We welcome you to use this information as a starting point in your story development and reach out to us for interviews and specific details related to your areas of interest.